We are a team of engaging and experienced teachers who love teaching Chinese language and culture. As demand for Chinese grows, we are always looking for teachers to fill new roles. Teaching assignments could range from teaching beginners to A-level Chinese classes, and from nursery to adult. If you’re excited about Chinese, we want to hear from you.

As a Dragons teacher, your goal is to make Chinese fun and and exciting for your students. We make sure our teachers are able to excel by providing an in-house training program which focuses on student engagement. With a team of over 60 teachers and a dedicated office with over 10 years of experience, you will be continually supported as you meet your next teaching challenge.

What’s it like to work at Dragons?

I have really enjoyed working at Dragons. The professional textbooks match up with the online games and homework are really helpful to foreign learners. The Kungfu Kingdom games from Dragons are really helpful and fun. Students can learn the tones through the Testy tones game and also get familiar with characters through Character Chaos and Stroke of Genius. All the staff are nice and kind. I can get help very soon whether it is a teaching query or another question.


Chinese Teacher

Dragons is comprised of a very friendly and helpful group of people who have been supportive throughout this process, and who have given me the freedom to teach in the way I see fit, whilst also providing support and resources for me to use when I need.

I love teaching and learning Chinese, and I am very happy to be teaching Chinese at a time in which people outside China are starting to realise what a brilliant, beautiful, and potentially useful language it is!


Chinese Teacher

The MCTC scheme gave me a lot of ideas; as students we also learned a lot from each other. Also, it was useful to learn about new technology for teaching. Dragons provide a lot of resources for teaching, and of course the scheme itself. There is plenty of room for teachers to include their own ideas as well during the teaching sessions.


Chinese Teacher